Call for Papers – Journal of Performance Magic – Volume Six

The Journal of Performance Magic is an annual, peer-reviewed online publication from The University of Huddersfield Press. (ISSN 2051-6037)

The Journal focuses on a multidisciplinary and contemporary approach to the field of Performance Magic, covering its influence, legacy, and future on wider performing arts practice and other diverse academic disciplines. In recent years the academic study of performance magic has made make exciting creative links within emerging disciplines, including links to the cognitive sciences, architectural design, and emerging technologies. The Journal of Performance Magic seeks to strengthen these links as well as encourage reflection on areas of performance magic not already covered in publication, and to develop new perspectives on areas already heavily researched.

The Journal of Performance Magic is intended to serve a wide and international academic and non-(traditional) academic community and invites contributions from researchers and practitioners throughout the world and from a wide range of disciplines. Contributions will be welcomed form areas including but not limited to: performance training, psychology, scripting, scenography, cultural studies, philosophy, neuroscience invention/application, magic technology, ethics, narrative/story-telling, and theme parks.

Volume Six sees the Journal’s re-launch on a new platform:

We are therefore announcing an open call for papers that attempt to locate some of the central themes and key issues facing contemporary performance magic.

Articles between 5000 – 9000 might address, but are no means limited to, the following areas:

  • Frameworks: what are the most suitable academic tools and frameworks for interrogating performance magic?
  • Directions: where is the study of performance magic heading?
  • Challenges: and how is magic responding to the challenges? Innovations; what is changing in our perception of performance magic? what is new? what is driving change?
  • Technologies and responses to performance magic, both as creative drivers and problems.

All contributions will be peer-reviewed subject to their acceptance. 

The deadline for submission is 31 August 2019 with a planned publication date of 31 October 2019

We also accept book, performance and exhibition reviews.

If you have any queries, please email the editors at