Immersive Horror Events: Immersion and Bizarre Magic on a Large Scale. (Andy Cooper)

Magic Research Group –Research Seminars
27 November – 18:30–20:00

Over the past 20 years Andy has run large scale, weekend long, immersive horror events. Transforming old houses into strange places for guests to explore and discover family curses, strange magicks and horrific creatures. Atmosphere, FX, costume and props all help to create believable and immersive environments where the guests make the decisions and decide how the story ends. This talk will introduce the genre and show how he blends the techniques of Bizarre Magick in these weekends and how the events have influenced his magic and performance.

Andy has been running immersive events for over 20 years and performing as a magician, storyteller and mystery performer under his stage persona Ashton Carter for 10. Influenced by the weird fiction and ghost stories of the early 20th century, Victorian spiritualism and the paranormal in all its guises. Andy likes to blur the lines between performance and reality, inviting his audience to become part of the show and allowing them to discover and explore as well as being entertained.

These informal Research Seminars will be held at:
The University of Huddersfield
Division of Drama (Milton Building)
Queensgate, Huddersfield.

All Welcome. Admission is free, but please contact The Box Office: to book a place.