The Journal of Performance Magic focuses on a multidisciplinary and contemporary approach to the field .  Covering the influence, legacy and future of performance magic on wider performing arts practice and other diverse academic disciplines.  In recent years the academic study of performance magic has made exciting creative links within emerging disciplines; such links include the cognitive sciences, architectural design, and emerging technologies.  The Journal of Performance Magic seeks to strengthen these links as well as encourage reflection on areas of performance magic not already covered in publication and develop new perspectives on areas already heavily researched.

The Journal of Performance Magic is intended to serve a wide and international academic and non-(traditional) academic community, and invites contributions from researchers and practitioners throughout the world and from a wide range of disciplines. Contributions will be welcomed form areas including but not exclusively; performance training, psychology, scripting, scenographic invention/application, magic technology, ethics, narrative/story-telling, theme parks.

ISSN: 2051-6037 – The University of Huddersfield Press – http://eprints.hud.ac.uk/journal/jpm/