Performing Séance: Four Steps to Collective Delusion. (Nik Taylor)

Magic Research Group –Research Seminars
30 October 18:30–20:00

This seminar will focus on the performance practice of the paranormal entertainer and the creation, through trickery, of a visceral experience of the other within the performance space. Borrowing from the folklore notion of ostension and by examining the staging of collective delusion; the presentation will examine what happens when the disillusionment is taken out of performance magic, that is, when magic is performed as real within the framing of a séance.

Nik Taylor is coordinator of the Magic Research Group and co-editor of The Journal of Performance Magic. A Paranormal Entertainer himself, Nik will bring along some of the props from his own séance show.

These informal Research Seminars will be held at:
The University of Huddersfield
Division of Drama (Milton Building)
Queensgate, Huddersfield.

All Welcome. Admission is free, but please contact The Box Office: to book a place.