Technology and Magic – Call for Papers

Call for Papers

 The Journal of Performance Magic: Technology and Magic Issue 

“Kurzweil holds that all technologies increase in performance exponentially – as computers have in the past 50 years. If so, then we will soon see technology and magic become more or less indistinguishable, and the future become so strange it is impossible to write about from this side of the event horizon.” Mark Stevenson – An Optimist’s Tour of the Future:

Performance Magic has a long and complex relationship with technology – using, resisting, denying, interpreting, challenging, enchanting, and demystifying technological advances. Magicians have often been inventors and innovators, most notably of film and media technologies, and have used emerging technologies both as a tool and as a source of stories and frameworks for performance. The relationship is often fraught, technology has exposed magic, and magic has debunked pseudo-science.

The next issue of The Journal of Performance Magic seeks papers that tackle the dance between technology and performance magic.

Topics include but are not limited to:

– Playing with technology in a theatrical space
– Playing with the theatrical in a technological space
– Sufficiently advanced magic
– Sufficient advanced technology
– Magic and futurology
– Luddite magic
– The technomagical

All contributions will be peer-reviewed subject to their acceptance. Full details can be found at

Please e-mail your contributions and/or queries to the editors Nik Taylor & Stuart Nolan (by 31st March 2015)